LIMINAIRE Robert Gaudreau
Music has always been in my life. It was there alone; it has evolved; it lived in me; it shared my freedom of expression, after all these years the pleasure I have to create and play are constantly present, it nourishes my life. I listen to a spoken person; I listen to his rhythm melody and soul expressed in all his emotions, a music of its own, a deep inspiration, the chemistry of human relationships, which vibrates the buzz of happiness sound. This album is about the languor, weariness of life. While observing the earth rotating around the sun to do the same movement continuously at the same speed at the same rate, how tired of doing the same path without stopping, and yet it is filled with energy and life, unbelievable that the boredom can carry. Now it is time to share this profound joy of feeling life, this project wave motion and pace for several years. This is the beginning, something called self-expression that is why I called this album Liminaire the beginning of a text. Copyright 1985-2015 Joliciel All right reserved © All rights reserved Joliciel 2014 © catalogue jol-101
Here's Liminaire Opening a tender moment that runs quietly in time of languor without knowing where he is going. Intuition and the language of the soul are honored to express love in the sound design of life. Robert performs his original compositions on piano, keyboard, guitar, digital such as strings and marimba that are running on the keyboards. The music course, an impressionistic moment, then a classic genre, to see an almost gypsy rhythm. He faces a contemporary awkwardness to persist in weariness. Then, we cross, while jazz a quiet time. Surprised by the machination say contemporary, it scatters in the confrontation to hide a more formal style, say stubbornly. The almost comical languor comes complete in her dance her sound journey in the meander of nature, yes, boredom, peaceful, pond green oak. This tender moment was written, directed and produced between February 2007 and December 2013 by Robert Gaudreau.
Published by Joliciel © 2014, Produced and directed by Robert Gaudreau, Joliciel 2007-2014 Compositions and performances on piano, guitar and keyboards with Robert Gaudreau.






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